If you've ever been to a boring house-party, some tips may come in handy to lighten up the atmosphere next time.  Whether as a guest or a host you can suggest to play a game; there's nothing that can break the ice so quickly.


1. Straight face

All participant should write a sentence on a paper. What kind of sentence? It could be ridiculous, absurd or confusing. Fold the papers and mix them, then everyone draw one. When you read it out loud, you mustn't laugh! If you LOL, game is over for you.


2. Baby

Everyone should fill one's cup with alcoholic drink, then play Pitbull's Back in Time. Everytime you hear „baby”, drink. Best to play with 0,5 l cups! ;)



3. Moustache

Draw a moustache and stick it on the TV screen. Everytime somebody „gets a moustache”, drink!


4. Taboo

You have to paraphrase the word on the card without mentioning the „taboo words” below that. Everyone else should find out the given word. It is funnier when you make the cards and mix them, and each player draws on his/her turn.


5. Slender

For this game you need a computer and speakers. Only one person can play at the same time, but it is way more entertaining when there are more or less spectators. The player's task is to collect 8 papers in a dark forest, but Slenderman will show up and try to catch you. Spectators should „encourage” the player with random screams and 'he's over there, run!'-exclamations. You can download the game for free here.



Do you play games at house-parties? If you do so, what kind of games?


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