When someone mentions „America”, it usually refers to the U.S. But America is so much more, I mean there is Canada, furthermore Central America and South America too. Today we abandon the USA for a while, and focus on Canada.


1. Canada is the second largest country in the world (right after Russia), but only the 37. most populous.


2. Canada is the most educated country; more than half of the residents have college degrees.


3. The lowest temperature that was ever recorded in the country is -63 °C (in 1947).


4. Residents of Churchill (Manitoba) often leave their cars unlocked to provide a chance for pedestrians to escape from polar bears.


5. Atlantic ocean sometimes freezes near Newfoundland, so people can play ice hockey on the surface.


6. Canadian children write over a million letters to Santa Claus every Christmas. His address is: „HOH OHO, North Pole, Canada”.


7. Canada doesn't have weapons of mass destruction since 1984.


8. „Canada” means „village” in Iroquoian language.


9. Some parts of Canada have less gravity then the rest of the Earth. This phenomenon was discovered in the sixties.


10. In 1967, the Eiffel Tower was almost moved in Canada.


Tomorrow post's topic is: North America and the student mobility