With the spreading of the digital world, we receive physical mails less often. But it's so good to find a surprise in the mailbox – anything except a bill or an advertisement! For those who are thinking the same, there is a website named:

Postcrossing is the Canaan for the lovers of postcards. Members can send postcards anywhere in the world, and receive one from a random member from any country. 


The process is this:

  1. Request an address
  2. Send a nice postcard
  3. You will receive a postcard from another postcrosser
  4. Register the received postcard
  5. Start it over



  • 611 thousand registered members
  • 210 countries
  • 34.5 million postcards overall
  • 1,268 postcards/hour

Did you know this website? Will you try it out? Or are you already an accomplished postcard-sender?

Source: https://www.postcrossing.com