University is not just about your studies but getting to know others. House party is perfect for making new friends. Well, dormitory students maybe can't organise a „conventional” house party, but in a flat or own house it can be soluble. Another question is whether its worth it. Let's see the pros and cons.



  • You surely won't be invisible
  • In ideal circumstances you don't have to pay much for snacks and beverages
  • You don't have to walk home when the party is over
  • You can invite those who you like
  • You are able to bring more fellowships together
  • You can select the music



  • Likely, you will have a real mess to clean up
  • You will not be the favourite neighbour
  • Your assets could be injured
  • Perhaps your fridgider will be emptied
  • Some guests don't like to say goodbye even if you're tired
  • You must control EVERYthing


Would you rather host a party, or participate as a guest?