Choosing the best university or college is very important for youngsters and their parents alike. Your role is very defining in giving them advice and helping them in making their choices. Numerous institutions offer opportunities for schooling, and the one that is most suitable for your candidate needs to be chosen. The one where the youngster will apply. You certainly place high emphasis on finding the right institution for everyone, and at the same time your work should be fast and effective.


What are the advantages of joining the system?

  • All the universities on the platform become available to you!
  • You don’t have to arrange cooperation with each university one by one!
  • You will receive correct, trustworthy, and continuously expanding information
  • You can present the offers of universities and colleges to those who come with their inquiries to you!
  • The use of offers a complex administrative system to aid you in your everyday work!


The website is developed by expert colleagues for the purpose of organizing the universities and colleges of the world into a uniform system, where the information becomes adjustable, comparable, searchable, and transparent. It offers an opportunity for student recruiters in which their everyday work becomes more organized and they can be more prepared, and receive support upon request.


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