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It is a complex application system of universities, colleges and all kinds of higher educational institutions in which courses and programs are available in a transparent and easily searchable form for anyone interested in the topic around the world.

By visiting the platform students intending to continue their education are able to collect information on the same site about colleges and universities that offer them degree programs worldwide. At the portal users also have the opportunity to compare their possibilities by searching and finding programs and courses offered at higher educational institutions in many different countries. Furthermore, on the website information is also provided to applicants who already have decided to apply to the given institution. As a result candidates can easily make the first steps during the application and admissions procedure at the platform.

At the platform students wishing to continue their studies in the higher education are able to choose from 29.364 programs offered at 7.165 universities, colleges or other institutions in 141 countries in the world.

The word „” is an acronym coming from the abbreviation of University Studies Informational System for ME.



The company has been dealing with educating the adult public for nearly 20 years. The headquarters can be found in Szeged, Hungary. One of the greatest motivations behind creating was that one of the owners taught and researched in a university, where she was able to get to know and to experience both the hardships and the beauty, the possibilities and the challenges equally, of higher education. It is not an easy task to choose the course of continuing education for youngsters. Many times it is hard to choose the direction of the studies, but also is hard to find the university where one becomes a university student. In an answer to these hardships, is striving to give students secure support, know-how and expertise, in the framework of our complete service.



On one hand, the mission of the system is to make transparent the higher education courses in the world. On the other hand our mission is to make it price/value relations translucent for everyone, so that one can find the most suitable University of College for themselves.

After a free registration, the visitor can search among BA/BSC, MA/MSC, PhD, and other types of trainings, from 141 countries. The search can be done according to different criteria and even a search and compare function. Besides the information pertaining to courses of training, all necessary information can be found on the site, with the help of which the prospective student can make the best, most educated decision about their future studies. (E.g. country and city descriptions, pictures, videos, visa applications, etc.)



The problem pertains to three segments:

  1. It is difficult to reach the different course offers of higher education institutions for the youngsters who would like to study – at worldwide destinations, through a unified system- on which platform they can start their applications in a simple way. 
  2. The 20.000 relevant institutions cannot make visible their course offers for the potential market, their application process is complicated and complex.
  3. Students choose their higher studies mainly through local agents, offline. The agencies can develop cooperation with a limited amount of institutions, thus they cannot offer help and solutions, to a significant number of students who would like to apply through them.  Also, the agents providing one-sided information may limit the opportunity available to students. System System

Solution - The Study Abroad Finder. Unifying the participants of the market, an innovative and complex system offering the solution where institution, students, agents and service providers create synergy, taking into consideration everyone’s goals and interests.


The information available on the site:

  • universities, colleges, other institute and their courses of training,
  • application and admission processes together with fees to be paid,
  • introduction and description of towns and countries in pictures and short videos,
  • travel and visa information (visa application and procedure)
  • a variety of service packages,
  • services provided at the beginning of university studies such as housing, travel, transfer etc.,
  • services offered during university studies, e.g. restaurants, coffees, sports and entertainment facilities, bookshops, rent etc.,
  • scholarship possibilities.


The most important features of

  • easy to use,
  • it portrays institutes and their training programs in a unified way,
  • provide up to date, verified information,
  • comparison of institutes’ training programs, based on several criteria,
  • with the help of filter functions, it is possible to refine your search,
  • makes it possible to apply to the given institution in a fast and simple way.


The goal of the site

  • to help those interested in obtaining information on a wide spectrum about the universities, colleges and other institutes,
  • the same trainings becoming visible within a given country or in relation to sever countries,
  • to acquaint those interested with their chosen university town, its most important statistics (area, population, etc) sights, celebrities, available entertainment, festivals, through pictures and videos,
  • to gain insight into given country’s culture and points of interest through pictures and videos,
  • with personal advising, can help the prospective student make the best decision through individual consultation.


The following things are offered to users and inquirers on the site of

1. Transparency: At the platform you can find hundreds of thousands of trainings presented in a simplified way due to which they become easily searchable as well as comparable in a transparent system.

2. Free registration and usage: At the platform registration is completely free. After giving some data and information during the procedure you can have access to all the contents of the website. As for the university offers made available on the site you can also search and compare your possibilities free of charge and the number of searchable programs and courses is constantly growing.

3. Application procedure: At the platform you can apply to the chosen program without any additional costs to be paid.

4. Safety: In the system applications are ensured to be received by the chosen universities in each case and the experts of the team also undertake to coordinate the application and admissions processes in the background for free.

5. No extra charges: At the platform you can find the official prices and fees of university degree programs without any additional costs to be paid. At the same time the team continuously works on providing more favorable prices and fees to students intending to apply to higher educational institutes at the platform of


Services rendered to universities, colleges and other higher educational institutions at the platform:

1. Free online appearance: It is free of charge for all accredited higher educational institutes to appear at the platform.

2. Free access to your school profile at the platform: All institutions can get access to their own school profile in which data and information can be updated, changed and added by universities as required.

3. Handling applications: In the form of leads universities are provided with all information about their applicants so that they can get in touch with candidates free of charge.

4. Increasing the number of foreign students: Based on previously made agreement with the Institution the team undertakes to recruit students to the University, as well, though the terms and conditions of that kind of collaboration are specified in a Cooperation Contract made between the two parties.

5. Online surface of advertising: Due to the marketing strategy of commercials and advertisements can be made publicly available on the website in many different forms which are included and described in full in the latest commercial offer.


Services rendered to recruitment companies at the platform:

1. By having access to a complex informational system and with the help of our greatly experienced advisors at the company you will have the opportunity to offer your services at a higher standard as well as to reach a potential growth in business.

2. The possibility of cooperation.


Services rendered to other service providers at the platform:

1. Online appearance in a well-definable circle of users on the website of

2. The possibility of advertising for a target group of people.



In 2014, the company won two European Union tenders, pertaining to the project. Within the realms of the GOP-3.3.2 tender, the platform was developed, where those interested in continuing their education can search for the most ideal university of college for them. With GOP-3.3.3 tender, we took part in education fairs in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey, where was able to present the opportunities it offers.


Company information,"MATRIX CBS Kft. is the name holder of" - The University Studies Informational System for ME
Company name: MATRIX CBS Kft.
Tax number: HU13847951
Company registration number: 06-09-010970
Address: Hungary, 6724; Szeged, Pulcz utca 3-2.
Phone: +36-70-327-2146,  +36 62 664 940
Fax: +36-62/998-486
Company data protection id: 40284


Bank information

OTP Bank Nyrt.


HU52 1176 3354 5263 1881 0000 0000



IBAN:HU20 1173 5005 2055 1993 0000 0000; 

BANK Address: Hungary; Szeged; 6720 Takaréktár u. 7
BANK Phone number: +36 (1) 3666-388
BANK Fax number: +36 (62) 620-705
BANK E-mail: Informacio@Otpbank.Hu


EU Tenders

  • GOP 3.3.2
  • GOP 3.3.3


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