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As a parent, one of the hardest tasks is to make the right decision about your children’s future, to find the university or college that is best for them to continue their education at.  According to parents’ point of view and reporting, they mainly take into consideration the following when choosing a university:

  • The child should obtain a profession and diploma that is recognized and valued world wide
  • The given city, country, should have a very high level of public safety, providing maximum security for the child, and consequently for the parents.
  • The university or college tuition fees, as well as the costs of living, should be affordable
  • The child should attend a university or college where they are looked out for, where their personality is supported and developed. - Study Abroad was developed together with colleagues who are experts in higher education, for the purpose of lending maximum support to parents in the world of universities and colleges.  According to our experience, it is very difficult for parents to make the right decision when choosing a university, as numerous universities offer their courses worldwide. After the first decision has been made by the family, it being that they would like to educate their child abroad – in which decision making process our colleagues can help you- we can provide you with the following services:

  • Together, we will find the profession that best fits your child’s scope of interest
  • We will overview the possibilities of which country and city it is possible to study the chosen profession
  • We will choose the best university for your child
  • We will provide a comprehensive overview of admission criteria, necessary documents and the admission process
  • We will help your child in writing their CV
  • We will coordinate the application process and will immediately notify you of the results
  • We will give you comprehensive information about the visa application procedure, of the documents needed
  • We will prepare your child for the interview, conversation pertaining to the visa application procedure
  • We will check the documents needed for the visa application, we will provide advice about what further documents are needed
  • If requested, we can provide you with information pertaining to entry into the given country (insurance, accommodation, transfer, travel)
  • We ensure you, as a parent, of our continuous availability until the time your child starts the university.  We can answer all arising question, making sure you receive authentic and trustworthy answers.


In the event that you feel you would like to give your child the very best, chose your child’s future together with!


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