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How can I increase the number of international students at the university?

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It is the aspiration of universities and colleges to increase their number of international students, to have students from as many countries as possible, and to attract the most number of students to its’ own educational and research institutions.  However, it is a reoccurring question and task for the universities to find out how they can reach those interested, those who intend to gain admission with real study purposes.


The university has to consider a number of questions during the process of winning over the candidates:

  • What the budget is
  • A given number of students is needed to start a training, or a major
  • Finding those students who truly have the intention of studying, those who can meet the requirements of the admission test and later the studies
  • To help thecolleagues of the higher education institute find it pleasurable challenge to teach the international students, and not to think of them as burden


The website was developed by colleagues who are higher education experts, with the purpose of offering such potential students to the universities and colleges, for whom continuing education holds value, and is able to commit to obtaining a diploma.  By being continuously present on the platform, your school will be provided visibility in most all countries of the word!  On your very own profile page you can follow the applications from prospective students, simple and fast processing if individual cases, making your every day job easier.



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