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The procedure for applying through the system procedura

In the system, at the moment you can chose from 26 427 majors at 5 211 universities in 87 countries!

If you had found the best, your best option, then all you have to do is apply to the course of training of your choice with the “Apply now for free” button!

After you submit your application, the university puts it on file, and will make a decision based on your documents, about your enrollment.

After you received your visa, all you have to do is arrange your travels to the given institution. It is imperative that you arrive by the time classes resume.



With the steps mentioned above, you yourself - through the system - can arrange your admission to any of the universities.

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In case you feel that need personal advising, please let us know!

I would like the complete personal advising package!


Complete personalized advising:

You can take advantage of the help of our expert colleagues for the services one by one, which are available with discounts.

In case of choosing our complete personalized advising, we will provide you with significant discounts, if you pay the 499 EUR fee by January 20, 2016.



Original Price

Price of Services NOW, with discounts

Price of Complete Personalized Advising NOW

Choosing of the university





499 EUR


Writing of CV



English level assessment



The filling out and processing of application form



Visa application assistance



Refund coordination



Travel and accommodation organization




2 000EUR



What do you receive during the course of the Complete Personalized Advising?

  • Being in contact daily;
  • Consultation regarding choosing a profession;
  • Searching for the most optimal university or college;
  • Help in making the best decision, providing pros and cons;
  • Pre judgement form the university of the documents confirming previous studies in regards to admission;
  • Aid in filling out the application form, and in writing a CV;
  • Continuously providing information about the requirements, the admission procedure, to do list, of preparing necessary documents, deadlines;
  • Help during the visa procedure, in giving information about what documents are to be prepared;
  • Personal consultation, and giving fast answers pertaining to your arising questions.






2000 EUR

499 EUR: application and training consulting fee


Let’s start now!

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in’s background!

  • Professional know-how!

  • Conscientious, trustworthy, supportive colleagues!




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