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Reaching a new international market

It is a constant challenge for businesses and companies to find new markets, new customers.  
Most entrepreneurs strive to present their services on an international level, marketing it abroad in order to start export activities. The platform is a website where you can reach out and deliver your services to a target market.

What are the advantages of joining the system?


  • Being continuously apparent on the platform, internationally!
  • You can make your services, specials available to your potential customers!
  • Finding new clientele!


The website is developed by expert colleagues for the purpose of organizing the universities and colleges of the world into a uniform system.   Throughout the university years, besides studies, the student have necessities which must be looked after - maybe even in advance (e.g.: travels, accommodation, insurance, etc.), or will make use of services while staying in the given country (e.g.: eating, recreational activities, sports, culture, etc.).
We must agree that if your services are present on a platform where an ever increasing number of potential clients visit, it will bring measurable results for your company.


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