The examination period is upon us! Today's post is about how to get through these difficult weeks with less stress. The following tips may seem unnecessary or a waste of time, but believe me, efficiency is the prize of a well-organised student.


1. Get a diary!

It doesn't have to be expensive or flashy: a simple notebook will be perfect. The point is: you should write all the deadlines, tasks, plans and programs. It just takes too much energy to remember all these informations. Keep in mind that Google doesn't know everything, only that where you can find the informaion you need.


2. Set specific goals!

„I want to pass all of my exams” - no, it isn't enough! How many exams will you have? Split them evenly for the available time. Identify your study time too! This could be 8 hours or 2 hours a day, depends on you. The point: plans, determinations, targets.


3. Do not take too much (at once)!

We tend to undertake half of the exams in the first week, so we can relax afterward. However, this manner may bring disgraceful results and way too much stress.


4. Stay strong!

It doesn't work without willpower. How much study time did you aim? OK, then get started now. Keep your decision otherwise there is no result. Calm down, there's no mess, cleaning will wait you anyway.


5. Block out distractions!

Try to learn without using a computer. If you can't do that, at least go offline. Well, if you have the willpower from the previous tip, there's no problem.


6. Motivate yourself!

Do not motivate yourself only with the thought „I'll have a diploma and a good job”. More tangible things are necessary, no matter how small are they. For example a piece of chocolate after every chapter, or 10 minutes Facebook after every study hour. :)


7. Sleep enough!

It's not a solution to study 14 hours a day and sleep less just to finish sooner. It's a real waste of time learning with tired brain, you do more harm than good. You should learn less but more intensively. And do not feel sorry for being relaxed!


8. Reward yourself!

Did you succeed? Congratulations! Nice job, you can be proud! Now go and buy that dress/book/pair of shoes/something you wanted for long; you deserve it. Oh, and good luck for your next exam! ;)

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