Imagine that you could learn anywhere in the world. How would you choose between two very attractive options? For many students, the question arises whether to choose Europe or America. This week's entry is for these puzzled but adventorous students.




  • There are many cultures
  • Most of the courses are available in the country's own language
  • You can learn a new language
  • In some countries studying is cheap/free for EU students
  • Many historical sights
  • ...
  • A mishmash of nationalities
  • Courses are in English
  • You can develop your English to the fullest
  • You can experience what you have seen in films
  • Feel the 'american lifestyle'
  • ...


Well, we didn't answer the question, but it wasn't our aim anyway. Everyone considers different factors to be important. How would you expand the two lists above? Leave us a comment!

Next week's topic: Legendary bands that were founded at university/college