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Payment methods

Dear Candidate!


Thank you for applying!


You have reached the second step, where it is necessary for you to pay the advising fee.  Until the time you pay the fee, you can take advantage only of our free services, where right now you can search for thousands of universities and tens of thousands of degrees.  


If you still have questions, like the following ones, for example:

  • where exactly is the university?
  • what is the  exact name, address and phone number of the university?
  • if you had not chosen a given university, then which one do we recommend?
  • how can you gain admission to the university?
  • what kinds of tests must be taken?
  • how the admission process is takes place?
  • what types of accommodations are available, how much do they cost?
  • what are costs of living?
  • what does the tuition fee  contain, what other fees are there?
  • what types of documents are needed?
  • how is the visa  procedure arranged, everything that is needed for it?
  • how to apply directly to the university?
  • is there a scholarship, how can it be applied for?


If these questions are going through your mind, take advantage of our counseling!


What can we help you with during personalized counseling? If you choose to take advantage of’s personalized counseling:

  • we can be in touch with you every day,
  • through asking you questions, we can help you find the degree that suits your expectations and fits your capabilities,
  • we help you chose the university or college most suitable for you,
  • prepare your application to your chosen university,
  • help you fill out the application form,
  • help you write your CV well,
  • provide you with information about what documents you need to gather for the visa application,
  • review the documents gathered by you before you submit it for the visa application,
  • any questions you have will be answered within a short time.


Payment methods:

You can pay for the consultation fee in the following ways:


1. PayPal


2. Bank transfer

Amount: 500 EUR

Company name: MATRIX CBS Kft.

IBAN: HU52 1176 3354 5263 1881 0000 0000



Company registration number: 06-09-010970

Address: Hungary, 6724; Szeged, Pulcz utca 3-2.


BANK Address: Hungary; Szeged; 6720 Takaréktár u. 7

BANK Phone number: +36 (1) 3666-388

BANK Fax number: +36 (62) 620-705

BANK E-mail: Informacio@Otpbank.Hu


3. Western Union

Amount: 500 EUR

Name: Balogh Mónika

Address: Hungary, 6724; Szeged, Pulcz utca 3-2.

Please write your name and email address in the comments so we can identify you!

If you have any questions regarding payments, please send an email to

After you have done the payment, please notify us at (send your name, your email address, and the form of payment)


Let’s start now!

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in’s background!

  • Professional know-how!

  • Conscientious, trustworthy, supportive colleagues!




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