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Universal and International EU accredited Business Administration program

University of Szeged Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The deadline is drawing near, when you have to decide where you will apply for continuing your education. The first and most important question is if you will choose a university locally or you would like to start your education abroad?  The next question is:  what major should I choose?


Business administration program SzegedThere are many factors that favor the decision of studying in your home country, still we believe there are more advantages to experiencing your university years abroad.  If you go abroad, a whole new world will open for you!  New country, new people, new cultures!!  You will acquire such new experiences and contacts which will be defining and decisive for your future!


As reported by international surveys, in terms of successful employment and high salaries, those applicants are the most successful who possess an international diploma.  That is the reason that there are so many people studying abroad from your country.

According to our experience and the reporting of our students, in a significant number of cases, it is easier to find a job and earn higher salaries for those youngsters who possess an international diploma than those who chose to attend local universities.

What major should I choose? The value or a European diploma will never lose its value, and you can obtain it at an affordable price. The world of business attracts those young graduates who would like to benefit their knowledge in this field.

The direction of career choices tends to move towards BA in Business Administration and management, according to the majority of surveys.  The reason for this is that the above mentioned course of training can be used in a most versatile way through all aspects of life, and you can use it in all corners of the world.

Based on these experiences, in the past 5 years we have been recommending to our applicants the EU accredited BA in Business Administration and Management at the University of Szeged.  It is important to mention that those students who chose this major, can successfully fulfil the requirements!

Start the school year of 2016 in Hungary, in the city of sunshine, in Szeged, at the training program of BA in Business Administration and Management.



What you have to know about the program:

  • You can join one of the faculties of The University of Szeged, where a youthful, energetic team awaits you
  • You will arrive to a university town, which city is loud and bustling with life
  • You will receive a BA degree in 3,5 years in practice oriented training
  • You can start your life with an EU diploma in hand
  • The tuition fee is only 2.000 EUR/semester

Application information:

  • Must have a secondary school leaving certificate
  • There is an English and math admission exam (based on the experiences of the past years, the expectations can be met)
  • The fee of the admission exam is 200 EUR. In case the you are successful in the exam and get accepted to the university, the exam fee will be deducted from the first semester’s tuition fee (if the you do not meet the requirements of the test, and do not get accepted, then the fee does not get refunded)


Business administration program Szeged


Why choose us for coordinating your application process?

We will coordinate your application free of charge! We will not ask for any type of service charge, you will only have to pay those fees that are required by the university to be paid by everyone.   Our expert colleagues have been helping students enter the program for the past five years, with great results. They will address and administer all issues, such as your application process, admission procedure and visa application procedure.

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We believe that it is not indifferent to you where you will be a university student!  We already know that with the University of Szeged’s BA in Business Administration and Management diploma you can build a solid future for yourself, in such a way where student life will bring a sparkle to your every days.  Be part of the magic, apply!


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Let’s start now!

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in’s background!

  • Professional know-how!

  • Conscientious, trustworthy, supportive colleagues!




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