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Would you like your child to be a University student in Budapest?

Dear Parents,


Parents Study Abroad

I’m as sure that it is very important to you that your child can start their University studies as soon as possible!  Many parents have complained that their child wasn’t admitted to a university this September, and so they have to wait a whole year to try to be admitted again. 

As time is the most valuable thing in a person’s life, it is not worth postponing starting the school year.  In February of 2016, your child can start their University studies in any of the following majors:

Programs Duration
BA in Business Administration and Management 7 semesters
BA in International Business Economics 7 semesters
BA Commerce and Marketing 7 semesters
BA in Economist in Finance and Accounting 7 semesters
BA in Tourism and Catering 7 semesters
BA in Communication and Media Sciences 6 semesters
MA in Communictaion and Media Studies 4 semesters
MA in Management and Leadership 4 semesters
MA in Tourism  Management 4 semesters

Budapest University

Why should you chose one of the above mentioned majors for your child?

  1. They will get and EU diploma when finishing their studies!
  2. These professions are the most sought after, with which they can start working either at multinational companies or even in their home country!
  3. Your child will obtain high standard and confidence in their English language knowledge, as the language of instruction is English!
  4. Affordable prices!
  5. Your child can start their studies in Budapest, one of the most beautiful, most livable capitals in the EU, where there is high standard of public safety.


In order for your child to be able to start their studies in February of 2016, in Budapest, Hungary, you need fast and effective assistance, and we will gladly be at your service.

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