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You didn’t become a university student this September?

Dear Prospective Student,

Training start in February University

If you are sad because you missed joining university life in September, you have the chance to join even if a little late.


You can start your studies in one of Europe’s busiest, most bustling and beautiful capitals: Budapest, studying the fields of study offered by us bellow.


If you don’t know Budapest, it’s time you found out that it is a bustling university town, full of life, parties, but cost of living and prices are well adjusted to students’ budgets.


The offered fields of study are of a very high standard, and provide a diploma that is acknowledged anywhere is Europe and all over the word. You will get a profession and acquire knowledge that will exam a successful future.


Programs Duration
BA in Business Administration and Management 7 semesters
BA in International Business Economics 7 semesters
BA Commerce and Marketing 7 semesters
BA in Economist in Finance and Accounting 7 semesters
BA in Tourism and Catering 7 semesters
BA in Communication and Media Sciences 6 semesters
MA in Communictaion and Media Studies 4 semesters
MA in Management and Leadership 4 semesters
MA in Tourism  Management 4 semesters


Please give us your contacts so that we can get in touch with you, and also so that we can send you more information.


After filling out the data sheet, we will send you the information regarding the training.

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