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Newsletter - Would you like to get extra high commission for your work?

University of Szeged - Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

We would like to offer a special opportunity for you and the students recruited by you, for the school year starting in September of 2016. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of a renowned university in the European Union awaits your students for BA in Business Administration and Management major, for a tuition fee of only 2000 EUR/ semester.


With the start of the 2016/2017 school year approaching, the options are narrowing in terms of big and prestigious universities having available spaces for their programs.


As of this year it is five years that our expert colleagues have been helping those applicants who have arrived to us through agencies.  As recognition of your efforts and a further incentive, this year we are paying an exceptional commission of 1000 EUR/student after those students who arrive and sign student status at the given university.


Please give me your contacts so that we can start our common work:

Please specify the country/countries you are expecting to recruit students from (more options are possible)

Let’s start now!

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in’s background!

  • Professional know-how!

  • Conscientious, trustworthy, supportive colleagues!




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