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What we do?


Choosing college/university

On the webpage we have collected universities who offer foreign language programs to international students. You can find thousands of training programs on the map, which number expands continuously.

Making the best decision

In order to make the best decision you need lots of information. Our website gives you the opportunity to be able to compare and organize the most preferable institutes that meet your needs and expectations to the fullest.

Providing personal advice

The team at helps with questions related to continuing education. Should it be assessment of knowledge of foreign languages, information about admissions, the coordination of application, or even administration of visa application, accommodation.


If you were able to chose the university that you would like to attend by going through the 4 steps, you can arrange your studies through the site.

Information available in the database at

Searchable number of countries
Universities and colleges
Number of courses

School is to help one learn to study, to awaken the thirst for knowledge, to get to know the feeling of a job well done, to taste the excitement of creating, and to find the vocation one will enjoy.

− Albert Szent-Györgyi −

For Students

For Students are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about developing business.

Universities / Colleges

By visiting the platform, you are able to collect information on the same site about colleges and universities that offer you degree programs.

What we offer
  • Preparatory programs
  • BA/BSc courses
  • MA/MSc courses
  • PhD and other courses

Search and Compare

If you have not decided in which country you intend to continue your education and what courses you would like to take, visit the platform to compare your possibilities.

What we offer
  • Countries, cities
  • Best price
  • Living costs
  • Total expense

Consulting and support

If it is important to you to make a good choice and you want to consult an advisor about your decision to be made, our colleagues are at your disposal to give you personal advice and support.

What we offer
  • Making decisions
  • Admission information
  • Visa information
  • Transfer to other institutes


The site gives you access to a direct interface for applying to the university of your choice. You can provide your data and you can upload the documents needed for the admission process.

What we offer
  • Direct application to universities
  • The uploading of required documents
  • Continuously providing information
  • Fast communication

Continuing education at home or abroad?

Find out more!

What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean.

− Isaac Newton −

Our Blogs

The blog is the place where information and news will be highlighted week by week.

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    09 3月 0 评论 临近考试了。今天的内容是如何更少压力地度过这几周困难时期。以下的贴士可能会显得不太必要或者浪费时间,但是请相信我,效率对一个做事井井有条的学生而言是难能可贵的。   1. 写日记

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    31 1月 0 评论 我们之前写过语言相关的,准确地说,在第二个博客。我们列出了世界上最流行的语言。我们今天列举的词语你可以在搜索词里发现模因,‘语言差异’

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For Educational Consulting Companies

Why cooperate with us? What can we offer you?

There are several companies around the world specialised in mediating students from their own countries to different educational institutes abroad, aiming to get prospective students involved in higher education. You may already have your well developed contact with educational institutes, or may just be setting up your operation in this field.

Recruit students to institutions all over the world!

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You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

− Albert Szent-Györgyi −

For University/College

Most Universities and Colleges strive to welcome more and more international students among their student body. This number is also an indication of international recognition of the institution. The system provides up to date information, a database that allows searching and comparing among higher educational institutions which offer programs for international students. If your educational institution is not yet found on the map, but would like the world to know and recognize you, please get in touch with us.

What offers for Higher Educational Institutes:

Study Abroad
Find study abroad programs
Top univeristies in the wolrd

    We offer an international interface for your institute free of charge, where your courses and current information can be found.

    Within the realms of a cooperation contract, we offer our services in arranging every aspect of the recruiting process. Through this option, we are able to offer your institution directly.

    We are in partnership with hundreds of educational agents from all over the world, who could offer your institute with authentic, correct information through the system.

    We offer you the possibility of appearing internationally, at educational exhibitions and events.

    Promotional opportunities, through which your institution can appear in key position.


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