A Review of the Aegis Boost Pod Mod

aegis boost pod mod

If you are looking for a neat mod to add to your collection then the aegis boost Pod Mod is perfect for you. This mod is a great addition to any electronic device. It can be used on your AEG as a power source or it can be used on a portable battery pack or a standard Lipo battery to give you a little extra power. The mod is a universal voltage source and is very safe to use even in case of a crash.

The aegis boost pod mod features a fully automatic firing rate that is variable and can be adjusted according to what your preferences are. The unit has four mini battery coils which are charged separately and a high power spring that is safe to work with even in your own AEG or other airsoft gun. The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod features a unique variable voltage output and can be turned off and on from your ATV or other device. This gives you the option of changing the voltage output when needed.

The internal ampoule is a durable and strong silicone material that is able to withstand the heat and weight of a high-powered AEG. The silicone has a great leak resistance ability that allows the air to be passed through the silicone and be pumped back out again without clogging. This allows the user to change the airflow settings from a fast blast of air to a slow steady stream. The ability to change the airflow setting allows the aegis boost pod mod to be used in a variety of situations.

The GeekVape Aegis Boost Pod Mod actually comes with a built in auto-adjusting atomizer. It has the ability to use one of the most advanced and popular fuel systems available on the market as well. The GeekVape AEGis series has a NiCad base and compatible with the newest generation of AEGs which are manufactured by Planet Eclipse. It features a variable voltage output that can be adjusted automatically with a push of a button. The auto-adjusting system is one of the key features of the aegis series.

The Vandy Vapor Shop AEGIS Boost Pod Mod features a compact design and a battery that can be recharged in just thirty minutes. If you have ever used a mod before that required you to constantly readjust the wattage and then charge the batteries, then this is the one for you. The aegis series features a sixteen zone digital LED display that will allow you to customize the wattage and voltage at will. There are a multitude of different controls on the vandy vapor shop aegis boost pod mod, but a couple of them are really helpful. The temperature control allows you to set it to a precise setting so you don’t overheat the coils.

The aegis boost allows you to change the resistance at four different points on the dial including a center position. One feature that a lot of people like about the aegis boost is the built in adjustable airflow dial. This allows you to adjust how fast the airflow is at the top or bottom of the temperature change range. Some vandy users have even said that it is quiet while it is working, and this is a good thing because if it were noisy it would make it hard to take a draw when you needed a big hit of vapor.

The aegis boost also has a pre-installed three quart-sized silicone tank. The silicone is a high quality silicone that will not leak or run dry, and it allows you to use the aegis boost pod mod without fear of leaking. The aegis boost runs off of a one quart high capacity battery, but a replacement battery can be purchased if the one currently has insufficient power. Like many of the other vandy e juice products the aegis boost is compatible with most pods including the blue pod, purple pod, black pod, and red pod.

Some aegis boost pro reviews have indicated that the aegis boost runs a bit loud, but overall the sound output is quite quiet. A major complaint from most aegis boost customers has been a loss of battery life. The battery life is not a problem and even with the maximum load of the internal battery, the aegis boost pro has lasted well over a year on average. The internal battery is a little bit larger than the one included with the jackaroo device, but both batteries seem to have about the same durability. In my own personal experience with the aegis boost pro, I found that it performed as well as any similar unit on the market and performed better when running high-stress applications such as streaming videos.

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