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October 2015

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  • Rainbow Rowell: Fangirl

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  • Sara Gruen: Water for Elephants

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  • Erin Morgenstern: The Night Circus

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  • Stephanie Perkins: Anna and the French Kiss

Train for your thesis! Participate in NaNoWriMo! - #05

University and College students probably have to write a thesis in order to graduate. I  admire those who begin to write thesis in time, and progress steadily. We tend to put off writing, and in the end we must finish it in just two weeks. Well, you can practise and try out what it is like to write in a stressy mood within short deadlines. And what would be a better chance than a well-organized, interactive challenge with great history?

About NaNoWriMo in a nutshell:

5 legendary bands which were founded at university/college - #04

What is the university good for, except that you'll have a diploma? You can meet new people. Perhaps you make lifelong friendships, and who knows, maybe a record contract too. The members of the next five bands didn't begin their studies knowing they would establish a world-famous band.

5. R.E.M.

  • Europe vs. America

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The university of my dreams… Europe vs. America - #03

Imagine that you could learn anywhere in the world. How would you choose between two very attractive options? For many students, the question arises whether to choose Europe or America. This week's entry is for these puzzled but adventorous students.




  • Which language(s)


A week has passed, and I'm sure many things have happened to you since then. And now let's see the world's languages and the most prevalent ones of them.


I bet you think that the most popular language is English. Did you know that the total number of languages is 7,102? From that, 23 languages are spoken as mother tongues of more than 50 million people around the world. So which are the top ten?

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A New Beginning - #01

A New Beginning

The 2015/2016 school year has started. Surely this is a gladness for all who just got into university. Congratulations!


For those who finally didn't get into college or still go to high school, the started this very new informational blog. Here you will find interesting and funny facts and important information in order to get acquainted with the world around you and the chances that are all awaiting for you.


Which are the biggest and most popular languages?


Opportunity for students from Turkey to pursue their studies at university

Based on our experiences at this time of the year more and more students (from Turkey) face the problem of not passing their entrance exams at universities and missing the chance of getting into universities/colleges.

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