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April 2016

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Choosing the best university or college is very important for youngsters and their parents alike. Your role is very defining in giving them advice and helping them in making their choices. Numerous institutions offer opportunities for schooling, and the one that is most suitable for your candidate needs to be chosen. The one where the youngster will apply. You certainly place high emphasis on finding the right institution for everyone, and at the same time your work should be fast and effective.


What are the advantages of joining the system?

Photography vs. Graphic Design?

Do you prefer Photography or Graphic Design?

At Warsaw, you can study either:

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What do international students think about their studies at WSFoto?

More than 3 days in Prague

Do you like being among people
(at least most of the time)?

Then social sciences is your field.

What about this management course in Prague?

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One doesn't simply say that economics is boring

Study the ins and outs stages of setting up and functioning of companies, be prepared to run your own business:

Are you introverted? No problem!

Are you more familiar with computers than people?

Who said it is a problem?

Still can study Programming and Multimedia ;)

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Do you like analysing things?

Do you like analysing things?

During this "Sociology of Organisations and Public Administration" program
you'll learn how to analyse the performance of organisations and institutions:

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What to do with a New Media Arts diploma?

New Media Arts is a unique program combining artistic skills with mastery of modern ICT.

At Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology:

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Benefit from creativity!

If you have a creative mind and want to benefit from it,
get a degree first in Commerce and Marketing:

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Who's afraid of numbers?

Many people are afraid of numbers, but if you aren't, then you are a perfect candidate for the Mathematics program in Lithuania:

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